Saturday, 31 March 2012

Tasty Easter Topiary

This was one of those projects that appears easier than it is. Actually it is not that difficult, it just becomes time consuming and a little frustrating as you try to fill in all of the spaces while keeping everything in-line.

The best thing about this project was that I got almost everything from the Dollar Store! I found a wooden pot in the craft section that I spray-painted a hot pink and used for the base. I then filled the pot with modelling clay to add weight and stability. Once all of the chocolate eggs are attached it is actually quite heavy, if you do not add the extra weight to the base it will likely tip over. Before the clay dried I inserted the dowel that I had painted green, then covered with straw Easter grass. 

I covered the styrofoam ball in crepe paper (tissue paper could also be used) as I could not find tulle as suggested in the original tutorial from Disney Family Fun. I think the tulle would have looked better, but I was not able to find any in our limited selection of craft and fabric stores. Once covered I started the pain staking process of attaching all of the chocolate eggs. I had wanted to make 2 topiaries, and had two bases ready, but after it took me six bags of chocolate eggs to complete one I decided to stop there.

I was a little skeptical that I could insert a toothpick into each egg without breaking it or breaking the egg, but it surprisingly worked well. I ended up breaking my toothpicks in half to make it a little easier sticking them in the styrofoam. And after some trial and error found it best to start at the middle (largest) part of the ball and work in lines going around the circumference.
In the end the only things I did not buy from the Dollar Store was the spray-paint and the chocolate eggs. They did have the eggs but I was not as fond of the colours.
Easter Decoration

Not bad for a first try, I think with a little more practise (and patience) I could get it to fill in better. I am thinking of making a gumdrop topiary next year. Though I like the idea of the individually wrapped chocolate eggs I think the gumdrops will be easier and fill in nicer….I just need to find a way to keep the cat from getting into them.

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