Sunday, 11 March 2012

Kiss Me

I love St. Patty's Day. Living in Atlantic Canada I find that by mid March you really need a break from all of the cold, snow, and overall blah-ness that takes over this time of year. And there is nothing better than one day where everything is green (a colour that you haven't seen in nature for at least 5 months), you venture outside the warmth of your home (or invite long lost summer friends in) and you just let loose.

So it was this love of a day in the middle of March that finally gave me the initiative to follow-through on one of my many pins on Pintrest.

One of my very first pins was this cute project from Anna and Blue paperie and it seemed like the perfect thing to try.
I already had green sparkles from glittering skulls at Halloween (my #1 favourite celebration) and had enough craft paint around the house I was sure I could come up with the right colour green, Of course I was not able to find a perfect little container like the one in the picture. So the search was on with me eventually settling on a little wood basket from Michael's.

So after painting the basket green, spraying with glue, covering it with sparkles (and myself, my basement and my cat), I sprayed with glue again to make sure the sparkles stayed on (and act as a top coat). So needless to say at this point I had green sparkle hands that would take days to become completely clean, but the little basket was looking darn cute.

I ended up creating my own kiss me label on round Avery labels, as my printer was running low on ink and printed with lines in the green. I punched out the scalloped circle from a scrap of paper I had then attached the label in the centre. But I have to say I like the one from Anna and Blue Paperie better. Maybe I will change this before I use it again next year.

Irish Green

I did fill it was chocolate kisses as in the picture above, but they were all gone by the time I got around to taking the picture.

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