Sunday, 18 March 2012

Pin Me!

I have been wanting to make this Martha Stewart craft for years. But every year I seem to remember it on March 16th and it is too late to find everything I need. However this year through the magic of Pintrest (OK, I know that is probably going a little far) I finally remembered to get everything to make these little shamrocks in time after pinning the tutorial a month before....well kind of.

I happened to pick up fabric floral wire that was on clearance when I bought my wooden basket at Michael's for my St. Patty's Day Kiss container. Since I did not have any green fabric on hand I set off to Walmart to find some. Luckily I was able to find a few squares I liked in the quilting fabric section. Though when I got it home I realised that I had enough to make a whole field of shamrocks. I did forget to look for liquid starch, but after a quick google search I found a homemade recipe that works just as well.

So I had everything ready to go...then kind of forgot about it again. So once again on March 16th I remembered this craft. The difference this time was that I had the materials needed on hand, so I set to work. They are actually very quick and easy to make, thought I would recommend sharper scissors than the ones I used, and quickly had a nice little pile of shamrocks ready. I grouped them into little bunches for each pin, at the same time realising that I did not have any pins. And since we were having people over for St. Patty's day I did not have time to run out and get any. So I guess I will have to wait another year to wear my shamrock pin on St. Patty's day.
Fabric Shamrocks

They did not go to waste as I did use the little bunches as decorations around the house.

I am thinking next year I may use my leftover fabric to make a pot of shamrocks as a centre piece. Hopefully I remember.

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