Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Lettuce Have Fun!

So my pin projects have been put on hold with the nice summer weather (living in a place where we usually only have a 1-2 month summer at most you take advantage of any warm weather you get).

Last Friday as I was making a quick salad before heading out for the weekend I remembered this pin on re-growing lettuce and tossed the stub in a small bowl of water before heading out.

Easy as that!

When I arrive home a few days latter there was already lettuce sprouting. By Wednesday there were a few tiny leaves making me think this just may work.

5 Days Growth

It has only been a week so I am not sure how much lettuce I will get, but since the stub was going to be tossed anyway it was at least worth the try.  
Onions first purchased from
  store 2.5 months ago

As an update I had also tried to re-grown green onions with good success. As noted in this post the roots and onions started to get a little slimy when not rinsed often. They finally reach the point when the roots were getting too long and looked like the slime was taking over. Since the weather was now nice, and I have a small vegetable garden, I decided to try planting them outside. a few weeks later most of them are still growing (those that didn't make it looked as though they may have been pulled up by some local animals).


  1. How did it go? Did you plant it in dirt eventually?

  2. I did plant it and it continued to grow - though did not get too full. It did stay alive in the garden until the end of the season though - which was about 2 months after this post.


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