Sunday, 19 May 2013

You might be a redneck if ....

Last weekend my cousins threw my aunt and uncle a joint 60th and 65th birthday. The theme was ... you guessed it ... a redneck party!

This theme was perfect for my family. I would like to think we are a little bit country and a little bit rock-and-roll, but it ends up that we may be more redneck than country. So even though our redneck side can appreciate all of the redneck decorations and games, we are just far enough removed so the theme is fun (and not mocking) and is still an obvious theme (not just a normal Saturday night). But the best part was that the only thing that we needed to purchase for the the red-neck decorations were the teeth (we actually have a dentist in the family).

Once my cousin asked for some help with planning the party I did turn to Pintrest. And found quite a few great ideas such as these:

The difficulty was in choosing  the best ideas that we could put together within the week before the party. This is what we came up with:

Red Solo Lights
1. Red Solo Cup Lights - This was actually my mother's idea. She found mini solo cups at the grocery store - they are shot glass size -and I drilled holes in the bottom so we could stick them on a set of Christmas lights (and garland) we had. You probably do not need a drill for this project, I was just a little power tool happy at the time.

Yup - a jar of redneck teeth

2. Redneck Teeth - You can't have a redneck party without redneck teeth. My cousin found bags of teeth at Walmart in the party section. 


Jack Daniel's Soap Pump

3. Jack Daniel's Soap Pump - When I first saw this idea I loved it! It is so simple to do. You take an empty Jack Daniel's bottle, fill it with soap, and screw on the top of a soap pump. I filled it with Softsoap and happily found out that the top fit perfectly!

4. Beer Can Patio Lanterns - I knew there was a reason I didn't return my recycling. Once again I brought out my power drill and made patterned holes in the beer cans so the light could shine through. Then I hung them on a string of Christmas lights by inserting the bulbs in the hole and twisting the tab over the hole to keep them in place. If you really want to be redneck (we just ran out of time) take your cans out to a field for a little target practise instead of using a drill.

Booze, BBQ & Booty Shaking!
5. Party Sign - I basically copied the idea from the post above. I found some scrap wood in the garage, gave it a quick coat of prime and a quick sand, then then I wrote on it using a Sharpie.

6. Camo Bunting - This was a simple no-sew project that took less than an hour. I made a triangle template on a piece of cardstock, traced it out on some scrap pieces of camo (as I said we didn't have to buy anything - there was actually quite large amount of camo available) and cut them out. I then laid out long pieces of Duct Tape - sticky side up - place the triangles on about 1/2 inch from the edge and 1/2 triangle apart, then folder the Duct Tape over (sticky sides together), and was done!

Redneck photo booth set-up
(picture taken after it started to rain)
7. Photo Booth - We set up a photo booth so everyone could take pictures. A large piece of camo was hung from the rafters of the garage and wrapped with an old set of Christmas lights. An old plastic chair (that we still use during outdoor parties) and an old tire that was outside - do you see why we may be a little redneck - was added to round it all off. We then had a selection of redneck clothing (think camo and trucker hats), mullet wigs (yes, we already had these on hand), and of course redneck teeth. Everyone seemed to enjoy acting out their inner redneck.

I set-up a camera on a tripod and light (as it was a little dark in the garage), and  everyone could either use the camera remote, or have someone take the picture for them.

Right at home
8. Pink Flamingos - One of the pins suggested hanging strings of Christmas lights and putting plastic pink flamingos on the lawn - check, and check - these were already existing in place. You might be a redneck if.....

The little pooper
9. Dog Plop Bingo - This was the great idea of my other cousin. It is played like Cow Patty Bingo - an area was marked off in a grid as the Bingo "field" (and the dog was allowed to roam around this area). Everyone then wrote their name down in a square on the corresponding Bingo card. Whoever choose the square (or the one closest) where the dog had his first plop (i.e poop) won.

To round out the decorations we had a camo flag, picnic tables and red check plastic table cloths, camo coasters, a deer skull, and a whole lot of Duct Tape. All the decorations were put up with Duct Tape. Even the flag pole - which broke in a storm last summer- was held up with Duct Tape.

Conclusion: This was a great theme for our party! Decorations were easy and cheap to make, food could be kept to simple BBQ items, and everyone had fun. The only downside was that the day turned cold and rainy so we had to postpone the other redneck games. But since we had so much fun we are planning on holding a part 2 this summer. So there is more to come...

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