Sunday, 25 March 2012

Irish Cupcakes

This has to be one of my favourite pins! These cupcakes were such a great hit at my St. Patty's Day party that people were still talking about them days latter.

This was just a random pin since I like liquor and and love cupcakes so how could it go wrong? I actually hadn't planned on making them (at least not this year) but when my guest bringing dessert call in sick I quickly remembered this little gem. And I am glad I did.

For ease and time I did skip the Irish whiskey chocolate ganache. Which I think may make them a better cupcake. The original post on BrownEyedBaker  did say that they could be a little boozy, but without the ganache I didn't find this at all. The Irish Cream icing was fantastic with just the right flavor of Baileys, though if I remember correctly I may have had a few sips by then and added a little extra. And the cake is a wonderful rich chocolate that does not taste like Guinness at all. Though I will admit that I feel more Irish just knowing it was in there.

I did not get a final results picture as I was making them last-minute and did not have the time before guest arrived, and they did not last long enough to get a picture when I thought about it latter.

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