Saturday, 4 May 2013

Play Date with Kate

Finger Paints!

Last month I had a play date with my favourite little girl (I can say that as I only have nephews). Since we don't have kids of our own our house is lacking in kid friendly toys. So when I have a play date I usually have to plan ahead - especially now as Kate gets older she may figure out a plastic spatula and a paper towel tube is not a toy...well at least it can't be every time.
via Tanya on Finger Paint

I wanted to try painting, however since Kate is still at the age where she likes to try and eat everything I was hesitant about buying finger paints from a store.Now since Kate isn't my kid I can be a little over protective. It is one thing to make your own kid sick, let them fall and bruise, or run around in dirty clothes, but it is another thing when you have to return the kid to their parents who trusted you to be responsible for their child for a few short hours. And I'm not judging here, if I had kids I am sure they would be the dirtiest, sickest, most bruised kids on the block.

So after some searching I found this recipe that looked simple and seemed to make a nice vibrant paint. And best of all it was editable - though (personally) not appetizing.

The finger paint has a jelly texture which make the colours a little transparent so the colours were not as vibrant as I expected, and I really wanted strong vibrant colours. Checking the recipe again to see if I did anything wrong I notices they used gel food colouring and I had used liquid. I tried adding gel and found it did make a difference. 

After following the instructions (and using gel colour) I ended up with this:

Conclusion: The paint was super easy to make and Kate loved painting with it, and eating some of it. Though even with the gel dye (that I would totally recommend) it is still a gel paint and not as opaque as I was looking for - it will never quite be the same as commercial finger paint.

Time to Paint
via Tanya on Pinterest

After seeing this pin I thought it would be perfect for our play date and could be a great Mother's Day craft Kate and I could do for her hard working mother.... and a perfect use for the new finger paint.

Even though I would have like more concentrated colour, in the end I decided to use it for the Mother's Day project anyway. Kate still likes to put new things in her mouth so I wanted to use something that I knew what was in it.

Instead of using the tape to spell out words I used letter stickers that I had.

Because of the gel paint I also painted a basecoat so there would be enough contrast when I removed the stickers.

Then Kate did a wonderful job of painting!

I actually had a hard time removing the stickers from the the small canvas. I'm not sure if it was the canvas, or the paint glued them on. But it worked well for the larger (stiffer) canvas, which luckily was the Mother's Day one.

What do you think? Will Kate be an artist some day?

Conclusion: This was a fun and super easy project. As you can tell the paint was put on pretty think so cracked a bit when it dried. It may help to limit the amount of paint used and/or help spread it around a bit. I am happy wit how it turned out and will include some pictures I took of Kate making it with the gift.

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