Sunday, 12 May 2013

Happy Mother's Day

During my last play date with Kate I had decided to spend some time making a Mother's Day gift for Kate's mom. I was a little worried about the results of our homemade finger paint project so I wanted a back-up.

When I saw this fingerprint necklace I thought it would be perfect!

It is so simple and sweet. Would be super easy to make, and as a huge bonus I had everything on hand.

Before Kate arrive I opened an old package of white Fimo I had (and when I say old, the Fimo was part of a bead making kit I receive when I was around 14....which is almost 20 years ago!) and I softened it up my kneading it for a bit. Then I rolled a few small balls and set aside for latter.

After our finger painting was complete I just flattened out the balls out and helped Kate press her finger in the middle. It worked great!

I set everything aside and we went for a walk in the park.


Later that afternoon (after Kate went home) I baked them in the oven.....and burnt them. It may have been the age of the Fimo, or the general baking time didn't apply since they were so small, but most likely it was because I placed them on tinfoil since I didn't like the idea of them baking on a cookie sheet I actually use for cookies. When the white Fimo burns it turns purple and splotchy. But the still looked so cute so I set the aside and tried to figure out if there was a way to fix it.

In the end I decided to try to give the a coat of paint to see if that hid the purple colour. The only problem was if the paint was too think it would fill in the finger print and defeat the point of the whole project.

In the end I used paint markers that I already had for the Anniversary Plate. I painted each pendent, let it dry for about 30 seconds then dabbed it with some paper towel. After the paint dried I thought it looked great.

I added some jump rings and a clip to turn the larger one into a key chain charm, and a chain to the other to make a long pendent necklace or a wrap bracelet.

Fingerprint Key Chain Charm
Fingerprint Pendant

Conclusion: This is such a simple craft to do with young kids (even a baby could do it) that looks great. I have seen similar ideas for Christmas ornaments that would be easy to make and family would love to receive as gifts.

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