Monday, 22 April 2013

Cloudy with a chance of keys?

Source: via Tanya on Pinterest
When I saw this magentic key holder I loved it. It is such a fun and simple design. And since keys go missing in our house everyday I was thinking this was just the thing I needed.

But when I started looking for them on the Internet I was surprised to find out that they retail for $12-24!

So maybe I didn't love it that much. It is cute but really, $24 for a plastic cloud with a magnet?

Not to be dismayed I was determined to keep looking, so I was thrilled to find them on* for around $6 including shipping.

Once they arrived I loved them.

Stealing an idea from one of the customer photos from the Focal Price site I decided to frame them and create a little key centre in our entryway.

Conclusion: I love them. They hold the keys really well (even my heavier set as you see in the picture) and it's just as easy to attach them to the cloud as it is to throw them on a table - and this way they don't get lost under a pile of stuff.

These magnetic cloud key holders make keys easy to find and grab them on the way out of the house.

* Focal Price is one of those wholesale/retail direct from China sites. Looking a reviews I was a little hesitant as some reviews are great but others were really bad. However, since they were so inexpensive I decided to buy 4 (one was for a birthday present) and if something went wrong I would be only be out $25, which is an amount I can blow on coffee and treats for a week. So long story short I receive my clouds 3 weeks after I placed the order, though I did have to contact them a few times to ask for my confirmation/tracking number which they forgot to send. Oddly enough the shipping date was the same date I contacted them - so if you plan to order from them I would recommend following-up with them right away if something is off.

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