Saturday, 4 January 2014

Just Hanging Around

I mentioned before we were putting our house on the market. Well it has sold. It must have shown well, because we had an offer in less than 24 hours!

Getting the house ready to sell took about a month of finishing projects, cleaning, and de-cluttering. As you may know, one of the difficult things with getting a house show ready is making sure everything looks as clean and organised as possible while still trying to live there (i.e. you can't get rid of everything). So after we de-cluttered as much as possible I started to focus on organising.

Our house was not huge but we seemed to have enough for a family of 10 (instead of 2) so organisation has always been a goal and a focus of of some quick projects around the house, such as my pegboard broom closest and backpack storage. After a quick organising once-over through the house I decided to focus on organising the bedrooms and in particular my pile of jewelry that normally sits on top of my dresser. I had saved this pin awhile back and thought it would be a perfect solution.

Via: Tanya on Pinterest
I decided to take advantage of the unused space on the back of my closest door since when it is closed it hides everything away, but when it is open when I am getting ready it provides easy access to my accessories. I also knew people would be looking at the closest when viewing the house so I wanted something that would keep everything looking nice.

Luckily for me I had a small Grundtal bar and hooks in my basement from my last trip to IKEA (this is especially lucky since, as I mentioned before, the nearest IKEA is 3,000 km away). I had purchased it with my shelf that I used as curtain rod/plant stand with plans to attach it under my cabinet and use it to hold mugs for my coffee station similar to this - but never got around to it. If, like me, you do not have an IKEA near by the same look (probably even nicer) can be achieved will a towel bar and shower hooks.

Since this was a temporary solution (as we were planning to move) I decided to use 3-M Velcro mounting strips so I could remove everything when we left without leaving holes in the door.

Everything held up fine until I moved about two months later. I also added another jewelry holder below for some bracelets and other accessories.
Sorry for the poor picture - I only remembered to get this quick pic as I was packing the room.

Jewellery Storage
 I even decided to use it again at my new place.

This simple solution is great and gives me easy viewing and access to my necklaces and prevents them from getting tangled up or ending up a a pile on top of my dresser.

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