Sunday, 11 August 2013

A Little Paint Makeover

I have been busy lately preparing to sell my house and
helping plan a 2nd birthday party, so I haven't had much free time address the growing number of great ideas I have pinned. But I did manage find some time on a sunny afternoon to for a quick soap-pump update.

I loved my foaming soap pump that I had purchased a year ago. Partly because I find the foam fun, and partly because I am cheap and the foam soap pump uses less soap. But it was just not pretty enough to have out on my counter all of the time. So after looking through some of my pins I found the perfect solution.

The inspiration for this quick makeover was a pin that I have seen multiple times and is what I would call a "classic pin" - you know, one of those pins it seem that everyone has pinned and has been around since the start of Pinterest.

This is a very simple and quick process. Basically you:
  1. Choose the pump you like and make sure it is empty and clean.
  2. Spray paint it with paint for plastic.
  3. Add soap and put back together.

The only problem.....I am the WORST spray-painter EVER! No mater what I do I seem to get paint drips and streaking. I try to follow all the painting tips, using a light misting spray, light coats, constantly moving while spraying, but it never seems to work for me. I think I'm too impatient and my light coats are not as light as I should be. So after my first few coats I used high grit sandpaper to even thing out a bit. Another light coat and things were looking better.

For someone with a better spray-painting technique this is a quick makeover. For me it took a little longer but was still easy. It doesn't look like a high-end soap pump,  but it does look 100% better then when I started, and I think it looks good enough to keep it in my bathroom a little longer.

Before                                                                      After

Since I was already in my painting grove - OK it was not much of a grove but my hands were already covered in spray-paint and I did have cardboard laid out on the grass - I decided to update a few other things with a little red spray-paint.

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