Monday, 23 April 2012

For the Love of Veggies

If you are at all like me you have a fridge full of limp veggies that you bought will all intentions of eating. You start off well, you did buy them with a plan to eat them after all, but leftovers get pushed to the back where it will eventually waste away, shrivel up, or turn into a pile of goo, to be remove the day you eventually get around to cleaning your fridge.

I do get pangs of regret as I toss out these forgotten veggies. This problem generally only happens in the winter months (which in Canada is from October to June) as I am able to select only as much as a need from my small, yet fairly productive, garden during the summer. The rest continues to grow waiting for the day when I need to return for some more.

With this in mind I have started to become interested in re-growing veggie from things you get at your local grocery store. This solves two problems for me: 1. I do not have to feel as bad about the shrivelled up veggies I am about to toss as part of it will continue to live on; 2. I am able to grow new vegetables that I can enjoy and only harvest as much as I need. It also helps that I can  be a little cheap, and this way I get 2 for the price of 1.

When I saw this pin on growing celery from the discarded end I wanted to give it a try next time I brought some home from the store. I enjoy celery, but it has to be #1 veggie that is destined to never leave my fridge looking the same as when it went in.


About 2 weeks ago the opportunity arrive. After I finished cutting up what I needed, and placing the remainder in the fridge, I placed the bottom piece in a bowl with water. It probably sat there for about a week before I had time to think about it again. By this time I could see a few little roots develop. Since it is not fit to plant outside here in April I decided to plant it indoors with the plan to transplant it into the garden once it is warm enough.

Re-growing Celery

And if you were wondering, yes the rest of the celery that I had placed in the fridge is still there waiting to be tossed.

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