Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Keeping it fresh

So I have been a little bad with updating with new posts. OK, I have been awful about it. Hopefully I will have some time this week to finish up some late posts and get them on here.

Is back-posting a no-no in the bloggersphere? Oh well, who will know.. :)

In the meantime there is one pin I found working today in the back of my fridge. As I noted before my fridge is the place where vegetables go to die. I have to admit that celery is one of the most common victim. I usually end up buying it for a recipe (or oh a whim), use 10% then the rest wilts and decomposes into a slimy mess in the back corners of the fridge.

Now I can't find the original pin (likely part of one of those list of tips) but it is a quick and easy to explain so here it goes.

1. Trim the bottom of the celery
2. Place in a tall cup with a little bit of water

So far the typical storage advice. I think what makes it work is the next step...

3. Place a plastic bag over the celery
4. Place in fridge

This worked great for me. My celery was in the fridge for over a month (probably more like 6 weeks) and I took it out today and had a piece. It was fresh tasting and crisp (probably better than the day I bought it).

 I would recommend this method for longer time storage.

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