Thursday, 10 May 2012

Backpack Storage

Our house has very little storage, and a lot of our DIY projects and renovations around the house are based on creating more and better storage solutions. I saw this pin a week or so ago and loved it. It provides multi-use storage and does not take up much room. But I really didn't have a place for it.

The front hall closest is one area that causes problems. We always seem to have more than we can fit in. Our recent problem is all of our bags for the gym and work. They pile up and often end up spilling out on to the floor.

Looking for a solution I remember this pin that offered a solution for keeping bags off the floor. Even more perfect I happened to already have the IKEA grundtal bar and hooks that were not being used.

So after gathering everything I needed I set to work, and 10 minutes later I had it installed and the bags off the floor.


It may not be the final solution for our lack of front hall storage but it will hopefully keep our bags in order.


  1. Our front closet looks much like your before picture and I am searching for a solution. How deep is your closet? I wonder if I could really fit 3 backpacks in mine...

  2. Sorry for the delay. Whenever I went to measure I couldn't the measuring tape. With all of our little renos around the house it keeps on getting placed in odd locations. I just found it in a kitchen cupboard so decided to go measure while I had it in-hand.

    Out closet is 29.5" deep.

    If you give it a try I would also suggest bending the hooks a bit more around the rod as they can easily come off when you lift off the backpack.


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